Wind Tree wins Merit at Lite-On Award, Taiwan

Paul & Suhasini were honored with the Merit Award for their concept : Wind Tree - an alternate micro-electricity generator to feed the electrical vampires and thus save electrical loss which amounts to about 25% of our electricity bill.
The number of contestants and entries hit yet another record high, attracting nearly 6,000 emerging and professional designers from Europe, Asia and the United States, with a total of 2,538 entries competing for a total of one million in award prizes. In response to climate change and global trends in environmental change, the theme for this year's Lite-On Award was "Green Evolution: Sailing to the Green Ocean" hoping to inspire designers to merge technology and green design ideas in the creation of a mighty and eco-friendly Green Ocean. Lite-On Award is touted as the Chinese Academy Award for Industrial Design. The awarding ceremony of the 2010 Lite-On Award was held in Taipei.

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