| About me

I am an Indian product designer/ electrical engineer / cartoonist based in Delhi.
Specialized in the field of Consumer Insight & Strategy / Product Innovation / Color Trends and Creative Methods. 
'Voluntary Simplicity' is what I practice. I like exploring forms with fantasy and love story telling! I believe in creating 'Useful Art' hence prefer to be known as an Industrial Sculptor!
Having won the most prestigious international Red Dot Award (Twice!) . . . my designs have been awarded / featured /exhibited and sold internationally over the past 9 yrs.
I love to change the market stereotypes and create "Best Sellers" in the trade.
If you work for the press and want to publish one of my designs or do an interview, just drop me a note. If you just want to say hello or give me some feedback about my designs...talk to me! 


My professional qualification?
B.E. Electrical / NID Post Graduate (Product Design)/ 
Domus Academy, Italy (Scholarship winner)

What i do?

I do many things.
As a design researcher, I try to live the user's experience and unearth their latent needs and desires.
Build scenarios and story-boards to communicate the design directions.
The product designer in me shapes the ideas and helps manifest them into tangibles (sometimes intangibles too!) that have business impact for the organization I work for.

I love experimenting with new materials, colors and finishes using economical techniques.

I like exploring and emancipating new approaches in Design, Art and Business. Hence speak at many conferences/seminars apart from writing in social media. I also give talks in design / management schools.

I illustrate my dreamscapes too!

Where am i today?

Having had the opportunity to work with the finest Korean designers at LG Electronics, Seoul...and survived several hurdles faced while New Product Developments in India, I have learnt to streamline critical processes while co-working with R&D, Sales and Marketing counterparts...to create IMPACTful design!

In pursuit of creating "iconic best sellers" at PAUL STUDIO

Is being Indian important to my design work?

I was born in Kolkata, a city known for its literary, artistic and revolutionary heritage.It was the birthplace of modern Indian literary and artistic thought. People here tend to have a special appreciation for art and literature; its tradition of welcoming new talent has made it a "city of furious creative energy". For these reasons, Kolkata has often been dubbed as the "cultural capital of India". I inherited the art of story-telling from my grand parents here.
PAUL learning to interact with humans /products /spaces!
I was brought up in Bhubaneswar; a city with unique sculptural and architectural heritage, coupled with sanctity it is one of the five great religious centers of Orissa since early mediaeval days. I imbibed values of life and social concern from my teachers in school, where I spent ten years of my childhood.

I graduated as an electrical engineer from Nagpur, a city which contains a large number of people from other Indian states as well as people belonging to the world's major faiths. It was here where I was introduced to a host of varied cultural events throughout my stay.
NID Product Design Studio | PAUL working on his hybrid toaster: KRIS | '03
I was trained to be a designer at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. This is where I realized the potential of PLASTIC, a creation of human intelligence. I started experiencing how a complicated product reveals the stupidity of the designer who designed it. This urged me to start thinking on how design should be used less for not to become useless!

It definitely helps to be a designer born in Indian soil, you get a chance to taste the varied spices of social life! 
That reminds me...the design of "Spicy Kitchen" for Veneta Cucine, Italy, actually won me a full scholarship to study further at the Domus Academy, Milan.

My Love for Artistic Nudes?
To be honest, I’m a hallucinated pen and ink artist consumed by pleasures of imagination of the virile femininity. 
My nudes are mysterious and provocatively postured nymphets embellished with curious entanglements. She embodies glamour and soaks in the limelight while enjoying her nakedness. 
She is lost in her multiple ecstasies and hence disinterested in the rest of the world. She never looks at you!
Sensuality stimulates creativity in every sense. I wish to bring sensuous art expressions into home decor...where my nudes help unravelling the romantic mischievousness in you.  
Artistic nudes move me so profoundly...i am sure you would love them too! Would invite you to meet them here: Inflatable Pen

A professional cartoonist?! 

I was a professional cartoonist few year back apart from being a story teller and an industrial sculptor.
But now I use the 'observational skills' of a cartoonist  more towards identifying latent needs of my consumers.
Everyday products form the material framework of our existence, enabling it to function, not only in practical or utilitarian terms, but also in ways that give pleasure, meaning and significance to our lives. But why don’t we notice them? Most of us travel by the same route everyday, do similar tasks everyday, go to same places and although we are awake and seeing things around us we are not actually looking at them consciously. Hence, such products are frequently taken for granted. Design, to my understanding, is much about having an eye for such details and bringing back life to mundane objects. Just like a cartoonist brings humorous insights from day-to-day activities/incidents of life. I would like to emphasize on the act of "Observation" as a necessary tool to design useful products. Look...don’t see!

My inspiration?

My wife, Suhasini is my best critic. Useful Art was initiated all because of her wish to see me exemplify my thoughts about design. She has been an integral part of my design process…which is very random yet simple.
Suhasini is an eminent Toy Designer / Consultant and runs her own company Pinkelefant.
She has recently launched her own collection of plush toys. Check it out here: http://www.monsterhugs.in/

What do i like? 
I like to sprinkle water on cobwebs and see them sparkle!
...a good swim in the sea...followed by a bellyful of crustacean meal is what i live for :P

...find below some of my culinary expressions...