360 Product View for E-commerce

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 360 degree product image is priceless! Today, the product image is the dominant digital asset for online sales.

This 360° Product view experience is powered by a set of 72 images taken at 5° intervals as you spin the product. The images have been created using photo realistic renderings of a 3D CAD model. 



The story of how the modern bulb holder came into existence in 2005 and disrupted the electrical industry. Designed by Industrial Designer PAUL SANDIP an NID Alumni in 2005, the product was manufactured by GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. It was an instant hit in the Indian market. It is the fastest selling bulb holder which has been adopted by more than 200 manufacturers. Till 2020 the approximate number of bulb holders sold are estimated to upto 5400 Million... and still counting! #designedbypaul #ADW2020 www.paulstudio.in



Neo is a 'Social' toy connecting kids with family over bedtime stories & connecting parents with a community of storytellers.
- Interactive toy with with never ending supply of stories
- Send stories to the toy from anywhere in the world
- Read and create your own stories. Ask family to join in
- Share your stories with a community of parents who can in turn
send them to their kids.
Scope of work: Character Design | Toy Design | Creative Engineering | Prototyping | Batch Production
This project was done in collaboration with Toy designer Suhasini Paul.


#servingtray #industrialdesigner

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Love for Geometry

Geometry being a branch of mathematics, did not attract me much in school. Hence, the thought of becoming a geometer actually never did cross my mind.

For the past 10 years of my design practise I have been dabbling with various "form factors" to address several "product styling" challenges while unifying "form and function". Geometric forms came across as a breath of fresh air this time while working on a tableware design project. Designed with utmost precision of a multi-fold octagonal vertex geometry, this Chip 'n Dip Serving Platter is a dazzling piece of art in food grade polymer, to adorn your center table.

When the product got mass produced and launched in the Indian market in April 2015...I just fell in love with Geometry!


Orion Nebula

It is a diffused mood lamp which creates a celestial night sky feel with its Break-resistant Poly-carbonate shell and embedded LED light.
The special effect is created due to multiple refraction of light though the cut-glass style of surface texture embossed over the multicolored lamp shades.


Wireless Cell phone Charger

It is the world's first and only Blind Positioning wireless charger. A minimal design married with the latest Qi technology gives you freedom from low battery blues. Qitah has a couple of configurations: a) one that holds the phone at an ergonomic 40-degree angle – best for office desk scenarios b) other when collapsed at a sensible 7 degrees for your night stand/side table or hotel room..
Qitah is a wireless charger based on the Qi standard. It will work with any Qi compatible device like the Nokia Lumia 920, Nexus4, Samsung S4 (with Qi cover or QiCard), HTC Droid DNA, Nexus7(2013) or any device that can be made Qi compatible like the Samsung S4, S3, Note2 and the Lumia820. ..................................................................................Client testimonial: "When we worked with Paul Studio, a two time Red Dot awardee, the focus was creating a clean and beautiful design that could make your desk proud. They designed for delight hidden in minimalism." - Tapan Mittal, CEO of Qitah (www.qitah.com)


Creative furniture

Doodling and scribbling table and chair set for smaller children. This set unleashes the kid’s creativity by allowing him / her to fill up the drawings (printed on the table) with their choice of colours. They can also add on to the drawings as per their imagination.  The furniture set is light weight yet sturdy. It is completely flat packed and easy to assemble. The furniture set is made in Plywood. 
Co-designer: Suhasini Paul


Innovative Switches and Accessories

GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. is a high quality electrical and electronic equipment manufacturer in India. I was approached way back in 2004 by one of the directors to design and develop a range of switches and accessories. The underlined objective was “consumer insight driven product innovation”.

Over 70 products/accessories were designed for them, which were launched in phases in India. 

The products are today available all across the country. May be you would have one of those in your home too! Read more >>


Form finds Function

Finding usefulness in destruction...a cracked glass...(or may be a broken heart in the subconscious) inspired me to create FRAChair! [frak-cher]


Mr.Chair - 'Active' Electrostatic Chair

A curious four legged piece of 'active' electrostatic furniture for kids and adults who hate to grow up!

The 3 attributes I choose to demonstrate were the imagination of a painter, curiosity of a scientist and the enigma of a magician. All of which were found to be as aspirations when asked to children about their future professions.
To read more click here: Mr.Chair


Useful Art at Design Korea Exhibition, Seoul

G20 Best Design is an exhibition of good design products from 14 countries of the G20 member states. The exhibition is a global festival for outstanding designs held in celebration of the G20 Summit in Korea. 400 pieces of work from 14 countries that represented a common language of mankind as well as valuable cultural assets that must be preserved were exhibited.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to India Design Council for noticing my humble efforts in design and giving me the honor of displaying my works at the event in Seoul.


Sweet Heart - Lover's Chair

Love blooms when two hearts meet. A chair for two...a desire so honest... to be expressed un-selfconsciously.
Sweet Heart is the manifestation of my imagination of a piece of furniture that makes a poetic connection between design and simple gestures in human relationships – like caressing your loved one. A couple can sit together, on top of each others lap. Adjust to a comfortable seat height and lock – unlock the tilt.
The chair’s silhouette just happens to be indicative of the heart shape, the most common and most widely recognized symbol of love.

The chair has been prototyped by my loving wife/co-designer Suhasini Paul.

Colors : Fantasy White | Lusty Red | Lazy Green


Clip wins Red Dot Award : Design Concept 2010

Clip is an attempt to re-define a mundane object to breathe in fresh thoughts in the field of design for mass manufacturing: evoking ecological awareness and accountability. Realizing today’s and foreseeing tomorrow’s scenario, it was felt that howsoever people talk about eco-sensitivity, consumption of plastic house-wares would still be quite large enough to deplete our natural resources. One way to reduce consumption is to facilitate prolonged life of the same product. Improved longevity of Clip confronts the challenges of waste reduction and supports a productive economy by conserving the embodied energy that was originally used to manufacture it.
Video of Clip: Hang - Hold - Drag

Would like to thank Suhasini Paul, my wife and Jim Allard, my email friend for helping me out in refining my Yellow Clip! Both of them have been my best critic. :)

Visit red dot website here : Clothline Clip


First Prize awarded to Spicy Kitchen

In-Dia Kitchen Competition | Veneta Cucine, Italy

CLIP in Design Today _Oct 2010 issue

Would like to thank Mamta from Design Today for the feature :)