Clip wins Red Dot Award : Design Concept 2010

Clip is an attempt to re-define a mundane object to breathe in fresh thoughts in the field of design for mass manufacturing: evoking ecological awareness and accountability. Realizing today’s and foreseeing tomorrow’s scenario, it was felt that howsoever people talk about eco-sensitivity, consumption of plastic house-wares would still be quite large enough to deplete our natural resources. One way to reduce consumption is to facilitate prolonged life of the same product. Improved longevity of Clip confronts the challenges of waste reduction and supports a productive economy by conserving the embodied energy that was originally used to manufacture it.
Video of Clip: Hang - Hold - Drag

Would like to thank Suhasini Paul, my wife and Jim Allard, my email friend for helping me out in refining my Yellow Clip! Both of them have been my best critic. :)

Visit red dot website here : Clothline Clip


Anonymous said...

Love the design of your yellow clip.. wow!

suhasini paul said...

The Yellow CLIP is again coming up with a big bang....!!

Want to see people picking it up from the shelves video NEXT :)

suhasini paul said...

The Bang is here, its called RED DOT !!