SPOOn feeding

SPOO is an attempt to re-think the ergonomics of a feeding spoon.
Peeling down to the heart of the (sub) conscious human behavior helped me
reveal the magic of effortlessness with design, creating a comprehensible, delightful and character-full product.

SPOO is perfect for both left and right-handed mothers, and it's ergonomically twisted grip keeps wrists from turning.
The soft tip ensures that it is safe for tender gums of the 3+ month olds.

It is an innovation for modern parents!


Anonymous said...

I am wondering how this spoon is different from normal spoon... and the way it is designed....it will put more strain on hands because of its vertical handle.
May be i am wrong ...but this my honest opinion .......

PAUL STUDIO : Product Design Company said...

there are two different positions in which a normal spoon is held while eating and while feeding.
The later position is by adaptation, not by choice.
However,SPOO is specially designed keping in mind the task of spoon feeding.
- paul

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,

Its good to see so many new laurels being added to your life, your designs and their branding too. About this particular design I feel it was easy to use it if it would have been like its mirror image... Is the pic of the spoon showing its mirror image or is it like that... But I must say the design is undoubtedly excellent.. Cheers!