Sweet Heart - Lover's Chair

Love blooms when two hearts meet. A chair for two...a desire so honest... to be expressed un-selfconsciously.
Sweet Heart is the manifestation of my imagination of a piece of furniture that makes a poetic connection between design and simple gestures in human relationships – like caressing your loved one. A couple can sit together, on top of each others lap. Adjust to a comfortable seat height and lock – unlock the tilt.
The chair’s silhouette just happens to be indicative of the heart shape, the most common and most widely recognized symbol of love.

The chair has been prototyped by my loving wife/co-designer Suhasini Paul.

Colors : Fantasy White | Lusty Red | Lazy Green


Anonymous said...

Hi there

Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and hard work

DesignMile said...


Foreigner said...

original IDEA! I wish you success!

Anonymous said...

I Liked it! It's my Daughter Ruchika in there.
God Bless U all