| Success Story

1) Bulb holder with invisible screws!
Ever thought of designing the aesthetics of this mundane object? Paul Sandip created this unique shape of Bulb holder  to hide the screws, normally seen in the other holders. He believes the success of any product lies in finding its true customer because every consumer is not always the customer. He wanted the electricians to be able to do a neat job!
Concept sketches by PAUL SANDIP
Now it has been adapted by almost all manufacturers as it has become the most fast moving product off the shelf. This design has changed a stereotype and is now a standard in the trade, both in India and China. Best seller since 2004. 
2) Innovative Switches and Accessories

GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. is a high quality electrical and electronic equipment manufacturer in India. I was approached way back in 2004 by one of the directors to design and develop a range of switches and accessories. The underlined objective was “consumer insight driven product innovation”. 
Over 70 products/accessories were designed for them, which were launched in phases in India. The products are today available all across the country. May be you would have one of those in your home too! It started with a thought that anything that is good can be made better and we went on to innovating utility as well as aesthetics. The switch plate, accessories and other innovative electronic utility products are a manifestation of our imagination backed up with accurate unearthing of latent needs of consumers, transformed with technical soundness and manufacturing capabilities of GM Modular Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. Thorough understanding of the product usage environment synthesized with the directional element of asymmetrical forms led to the concept of 90° rotational possibility of the complete switch-plate assembly.

Three designs were shortlisted which went up to the mock up stage after refinement through intermediate rapid prototypes using stereo lithography. Finally the ‘overlap’ design was selected to be taken for mass production.

With the changing times the needs and aspirations of the consumer have also changed a lot. Now, instead of external accessories people prefer accessories fitted with the switch plate itself. This desire gave rise to quite a few new ideas of inbuilt accessories like the alarm clock, mosquito repellent, emergency light and the like. While designing the accessories the modularity as well as the external compatibility has been kept in mind. Ergonomic issues were resolved through innovative mechanical design.
While dealing with electrical accessories some cognitive issues had to be taken care off. The medium dimmers which are presently available in the market, due to the circular shape of the knob, are very difficult for the user to decipher at what stage (speed) is the fan. Only graphical representation is done by the usage of numbers or dots. From a distance these graphical representations are not quite visible.

The idea was to make the speed of the fan visible from a distance, even at night. Glow in the dark material was used to make a strip which could move in and out with the gradual movement of the circular knob. Another problem was while replacing the mat from a mosquito repellent. The user was not comfortable pinching out the mat from the hot plate beneath it.

A design was so made in 2 modules which integrated the ON-OFF switch as well as the retrieval of the mat became easy.
Ever given a thought, what we want first when left in the dark? Yes, light! The emergency lamp is designed to glow all by itself whenever there is a power cut. Moreover, one can pull it out from the switch plate and use it like a torch if needed.

When put back in place, it re-charges itself for a second helping!
The need for self-expression continues as a trend for home furnishings. The one-size-fits-all color and style mentality is a dinosaur of the past. With the continuing demand for unexpected color combinations, we think that the suggested colour palette reflects the diversity of mood and taste in the future. While home as a retreat and safe harbor still resonates for many, there is also the realization that fantasy and fun are equally important. Metallic tones include champagne gold as well as muted golds and silvers, both shiny and delustered. Elegance with traditional touch could be tastefully combined by black current. The white ones with their stylish elegance minimize the presence of the electrical functions on the wall and offer the possibility of choosing cover plates in light colours.
In short, life is busy… these accessories make it easy!
Renowned for its International quality, GM has its customer all around the world . It has made GM one of the popular brands in the Indian market within a short span. Some of their valued clients are Wal-Mart, Tata, Reliance-Retail, Spencer’s, Future Groups, Metro, Cash & Carry, Hyper City, Total Group and many more.
I sincerely thank GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. for the trust they have placed in me and for making my imaginations come true. Visit client site here : www.gmmodular.com

3) Indian consumer insight driven innovation

Designed a low cost / aesthetically pleasing "dry storage" pedastal for Whirlpool Direct Cool Refrigerator for 2 purposes:
1) To increase the height of the refrigerator for better accesability.
2) Create space for storing potatoes and onions.

Product patented and made available in Indian market since 2005. Now a standard utility in almost all the brands selling in the Indian market.

4) Humor Clothing for Indian youth!

Bhushan, a young entrepreneur from Nagpur (which happens to be the exact geographical center of India) approached me to create the brand story and visual identity for his T-shirt Company - EDiOTS. There was no reason for me to help him establish his venture as a Humor Clothing brand…other than the thought that I was going to impact the solar plexus of the Indian Youth with my dry sense of sarcastic humor. After all I have a social responsibility towards good humored, laid back, often tortured emotional idiots...(me being one of them!)
The collection portrays feelings of the Indian Youth in the current socio-economic  scenario. To know more visit: EDiOTS

5) Sauce bottle with an Oomph! factor.

Photo credits: Yashpal Joshi
Squeezy is one of the objects from my collection "Useful Art", which made it to the main stream mass production line and is now affordable to the masses across India, South East Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and South Africa. The thought behind designing this sauce bottle was to bring an 'oomph factor' to an otherwise ubiquitous and mundane everyday object. The sensuous form of the bottle was meant to intuitively connect with the user's desire to squeeze it! Squeezy can be spotted at mostly cafeterias and restaurants...Domino's Pizza being one of them. It has now become a best seller for the 

5) My Lilliput Army ~ clever kitchen assistants!

My Lilliput Army (m.l.a) is a bunch of emotional idiots who just can't say NO! Imagine a task and wish you had an helping hand...they are there to do it for you...The best part is...they look at you and tickle your sense of humor! The collection includes a Tooth Pick Holder, Tissue paper Dispensor, Kitchen Roll Dispensor, Serving Tray, Fridge Magnet and a Cooking Spoon Rest. Winner of ELLE DECOR International Design Award 2010. Exhibited in Frankfurt, Seoul, India.