Blindfold* wins OPUS Design Award'09 | Japan

Dare to bare out-of-doors?
See-through blindfold is inspired from the silk/satin love laces which have ruled the boudoir while you try blindfolding your partner to heighten the pleasures of imagination through adult fantasy play.
This time: Peeking is allowed!
I propose a fashion glare which tries to capture the sensuousness of satin folds - the smooth silky flow and the deceptive transparency of lace. It gives a feeling to the onlooker that you are blindfolded and titillates his senses, running him wild.
Best features:
1) Lusty - bring the excitement out-of-doors!
2) Stylish – flaunt your oomph factor!
3) Deceptive –feels like the beholder is blindfolded!


Blindfold is proposed to be made in photochromic polycarbonate.
A floral print is embedded into the surface layer of the material in a uniform thickness of up to 150 ┬Ám. Upon exposure to UV radiation in day light floral patterns become visible, otherwise invisible.

The floral pattern darkens substantially in response to UV light in less than one minute, and then continues to darken very slightly over the next fifteen minutes. It fades back to clear once moved indoors. It is tinted with exotic colors in the bleached state.

Blindfold* is an unique toy for adult fantasy play suited for romance out-of-doors!

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