Think about the Box.

::vertical thinking::
Technical Skill is the mastery of complexity...and one of the major tools for technical innovation is vertical thinkability.
Vertical thinking helps one to analyze complex situations and is headed towards looking for the right approach.
It is sequential in nature and one must be correct at every step to reach the desired destination.
Please take note of the phrase –“ desired destination”.
One of the major drawbacks of such kind of thinking is that one always opts for the “right” solution and subsequently settles for an adequate solution rather than exploring a better solution.
::lateral thinking::
Lateral thinking is much about creativity.
Rightly said, lateral thinking is like a reverse gear in a car. When caught in a blind alley it helps one to find a way out.
However, one amongst several drawbacks is that it is an aimless journey in search of a “desired destination”.
::differential thinking::
our basic education teaches us vertical thinking… our design education teaches us lateral thinking...the industry teaches us differential thinking!
I believe it is the most effective form of mental activity which if practiced, helps one reach the “desired destination”…on time.

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